Stocky Men Can Look Fabulous

stockyWhat fashion designers create are not always about glamour or high society and targeted to men who amazingly look good and are tall, athletic and all . In the end fashion is about how common people wear clothes and maximize their appealing potentials. And so even when you’re stocky and have some huge tummy down your chest, you can still look good in carrying clothes. While slimming down is, in terms of the world of appearances, ideal, you cannot simply lose pounds just like that, and in your process of trying to slim down, you can still look good and feel good about yourself by dressing up smart and elegantly.

In wearing trousers, you must choose pleated trousers that have enough layers to hide your belly. Pleated pants can definitely make your figure slimmer, and flattering. As you wear trousers make sure your belt and shoes match together, in color, texture, material, or a combination of the three. See it to it too that your pants fall nicely at the middle of your ankles.

In wearing shirts, go for stripes, specifically pin stripes. Horizontal stripes will add an illusion of hugeness in your upper body, which can further highlight your figure. Vertical stripes on the other hand add length to your body, making you look taller. In T-Shirt designs, you should avoid wearing flamboyant prints, as they bring the attention to the torso. Wear shirts in cool and dark colors. They never fail to make oversize body types slimmer and flattering.

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